Maricopa Community Colleges MOD1 Capitalism Socialism and Communism Paper

1. Discuss, in detail, the possible advantages and disadvantages of each system. You are to ‘discuss’ not just define. Go beyond the definition and provide examples.

2. Identify and state one country for each type of system. Describe how the country demonstrates characteristics of the system.

3. Though the text uses the United States as an example of capitalism, discuss if the United States still fits the model. Provide examples to support statements.

I will expect to see explicit references to text material in your answers to assignments. Justify your responses to exercises with facts, terms or concepts not personal experience and opinion.

Writing Requirements

BUSN (with MindTap Business, 1 Term (The book for this class)

Cite sources used, not wikipedia.

(The Due Time is 11:59 it is currently 10:08)

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