Market Research Proposal

The Final Project incorporates all aspects of the Marketing Research course.

The Final Project objective is to write a Marketing Research Proposal. There is no requirement to conduct the actual research, collect data or analyze results.

The Final Project requirement is to write a marketing research proposal and to develop a short survey.

The proposal should be written in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1” margins on your paper. Use APA format to cite any sources used in the paper. The final proposal will likely be about 4-5 pages (plus Title and References pages) in length, but this will vary.

Include the following sections in your Marketing Research proposal final project:

  • Describe the background of the study

  • Define the Management Decision problem

  • Define the Marketing Research problem

  • Marketing Research design: Explain the design of your study and defend why you chose that design

  • Define both the Population and the Sample(s)

  • Defend the chosen Sampling Methodology

  • Evaluate Assumptions and Limitations of the study

  • Design a Questionnaire and defend the chosen survey method.

  • Predict how you would analyze the data if you were actually doing the study

  • Evaluate what you learned from completing this Marketing Research proposal

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