marketing and communication

please answer one paragraph for each question 

1. Find a child-oriented website and to post the URL. Discuss how it manages privacy issues related to children.  What ethical considerations has the organization taken into account? Suggest strategies to improve “compliance with customers’ privacy expectations. (marketing subject)

2. Describe how images of war shaped have shaped your perception of war? Have you re-tweeted or posted on Facebook photos that impact you emotionally?  If Twitter existed during the Vietnam War do you think the war would have ended sooner?  Can Twitter reactions take the place of live, inperson protests? (communication subject)

3. Select a photograph on the Internet, or a newspaper or magazine. describe how the image selected is particularly compelling. Which elements helped to communicate its mass media message or story?  How do social media platforms enable individuals to “interact” with images? Where does Instagram come into play?  Share your picture on this discussion board post. (communication subject)

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