Marketing: Image, Positioning, Differentiation, assignment help

1. Image, Positioning, Differentiations

Since services are intangible, it is often difficult for a consumer to assess their quality. Services organizations, therefore, separate themselves from competitors by physical and environmental characteristics. After watching the two videos showing the Arcotel Velvet Hotel and the Grand Californian Hotel, identify at least two aspects of each design that set it apart from other hotels and demonstrate quality. What is unique about the servicescape of each hotel and how is eacaspect effective or ineffective from the perspective of a customer? 

2. Managing People 

Since a services organization does not sell a tangible product, the manner in which the service is delivered becomes critical to the value perception of the consumer. The person delivering the service is frequently called the “frontline employee” and experiences unique challenges. Because of these unique challenges, managing a frontline employee requires specific activities. Identify a minimum of three specific activities an organization can implement to manage its valuable frontline employee and determine the effectiveness of the activities.

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