MBAA 514 Strategic Marketing Management in Aviation

8.3 – Discussion: Internet Advertising

A blog (weblog) is a personal, contemporary, and sometimes interactive publishing of information on the Internet. Blogging has become an extremely popular activity on the Internet in current era. Blogs exist for every interest, product, and company. Many major companies have actively incorporated blogging into their marketing communications strategies.

Corporate Blogs

•Virgin Airlines (Links to an external site.)

•Garmin (Links to an external site.)

•Google (Links to an external site.)

•Southwest Airlines (Links to an external site.)

Consumer-based Blogs

•Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide (Links to an external site.)

•Fast Food News (Links to an external site.)

• The Truth about Cars (Links to an external site.)

After visiting the corporate and consumer blogs above, answer the following discussion questions:

1.How can the content of consumer blogs affect companies?

2.What marketing communications purposes would a company-supported blog serve?

3.How can companies use the content of blogs to help accomplish corporate objectives?

4.How might blogging by employees adversely affect a company? An employee?

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