MCB2010 Tarrant County College District Small Pox and River Blindness Presentation

PowerPoint slide should be 8-12 minutes no longer or shorter, and answer 10 questions multiple choice per disease . Please time it to be sure .Please see instructions listed below. Please use color like pink and purple back grounds and pictures. I came up with a few the multiple choice questions u can ask just add more . You can ask same questions for each disease. Example what is small pox?Example what is river blindness? What cause small pox? What causes river blindness? What is treatment for small pox? What is treatment for river blindness? How to diagnose river blindness? How to diagnose small pox?

Microbiology Disease Presentation

Assignment: Each student is to prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation that informs the class about two assigned infectious diseases as well as prepare 10 multiple choice questions that will be answered during the student presentation.

Guidelines for PowerPoint presentation:

8-12 minutes long (points will be deducted for going over/under time)

Must be turned in electronically by the due date (This can be done by e-mail or in my office with a disc or flash drive.) You may turn in your assignment only once so be sure that it is complete the first time.

Must be saved as a PowerPoint document and saved as last name and diseases (ex. Lindsey polio, measles)

Should be visually appealing (use color, nice backgrounds, pictures (gross is good))

Be well presented: do not simply read slides or notes. You may bring notes to the podium but try not to read them word for word (in other words, practice)

Topics for each disease must include:

o Name of disease and a brief history

o Signs and symptoms

o Pathogenesis and virulence factors (what makes that bacteria/virus cause disease, etc.)

o Transmission and epidemiology (includes morbidity, mortality and prevalence rates for the diseases)

o Culture and diagnosis

o Prevention and treatment

o Something interesting about the disease (ex. How common is it, what is the likelihood of survival, did anyone famous die of it, do you have a personal story about it?……..)

Slides should include at least:

o Cover slide with name of diseases and your name

o At least 12 additional slides (6 per disease)

o Slide with at least 3 reliable references with proper bibliographies (can use textbook as one resource)—MLA format

Do not use Wikipedia (not a reliable source). You must use at least one non-internet resource.

Do not plagiarize the material from any source, including the internet. All material needs to be documented (including pictures). If a person is caught plagiarizing, he/she will receive a zero for the assignment.

Guidelines for Multiple Choice Questions & Answers:

Be typed and fit on one page (Questions on one page, answers on another page)

Be multiple choice with at least 4 answer choices

Be well worded with correct grammar

Be on time and in correct format or they will not be accepted

Saved as a word document and saved as last name and diseases.doc or docx (ex. Lindsey polio, measles.doc or Lindsey polio,measles.docx)


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