MIS330 Google Maps Criteria Address

See attached for details.

Criteria Address each criterion in order:

1. Who uses this application and what is it used for?

2. Describe how to execute three key processes on the application.

3. Describe the strengths of the application.

4. Describe the weaknesses of the application

5. Provide suggestion(s) on how the application can be improved.

6. Why is this application of value to the user?

7. How is the application valuable to the application creator/owner?

8. How well designed is the user interface?

Note: Do not include the questions, but instead restate it as a statement that begins theparagraph. Include an introduction and conclusion.

Format and Grading This paper must be in MS word format and submitted to the class blackboard site. Formats otherthan MS word will count against the grade. Papers sent via email cannot be graded. Paper must be double spaced, 11 point type, 1 inch margins on all sides. Font type may either be Calibri or Times NewRoman.

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