Native American Culture: Borderland and First Speakers Discussion

Anton Treuer coins the term borderland. He uses this to describe growing up on the edges of two cultures. Even after leaving the reservation, he found the borderland followed him. The borderland was especially clear to Treuer throughout his education. In the “Education” chapter you read this week, you see that there is a history of trauma for Native American associated with the formal school system. The film, which shows Treuer’s work toward restoring the Ojibwe language, shows ways in which Native Americans are trying to mitigate the trauma associated with school and improve learning outcomes through language immersion schools. In your discussion post for this week, I want you to first offer a definition for the concept of the borderland in your own words (you may want to reread the introduction to Treuer’s text). Then, I want you to explain the ways in which language immersion schools can help young Native Americans’ learning outcomes and sense of personal identity. If you use information from the textbook, be sure to cite the page numbers. Your post should be at least five sentences in length.

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