Need business and finance help with Technology Giants Acquisition and Their Outcomes

Review the companies profiled in the opening case “Technology Giants’ Acquisition Strategies and Their Outcomes” include Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. These three firms are using acquisitions to move quickly into market space that they see developing.  Through its acquisition of Skype, Microsoft is seeking to broaden its communication base. Google’s acquisition of YouTube is seen as a move to gain access to new models of advertising. Facebook’s acquisition of Snaptu (and several other companies) appears to be focused on obtaining the human capital necessary to further develop evolving aspects of its business. In fast-cycle industries companies often lack the time to develop businesses or capabilities that it needs to complement their existing businesses or capitalize on changing conditions in a timely manner. Acquisitions can help firms achieve their objectives much faster than other options. My question is why Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, three financially solid companies, didn’t just develop the businesses/capabilities that they obtained through the profiled acquisitions? Why do you think the target firms agreed to be acquired? 

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