Need community correction centers and aspect help with my legal homework

State: Georgia

1. Looking up your state (or last state of residence) department of corrections, find out how many in your state (name the state)  are 1) on probation,  2) incarcerated,  3) on death row,  4) most offenses for the majority of inmates on probation AND in prison, 5) racial breakdown of those on probation and in prison.  Include the link for your Department in your assignment. If you cannot find the info in your state, try the

2. Go to TU Library, find a research article on a current issue in corrections. This can be something from prisons, probation, community corrections, etc. It could deal with punishment, sentencing, overcrowding, etc.  Do a 2+ paragraph summary of the article, giving the author, journal, date of the article, etc.

For full credit, each part must be clearly answered.



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