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  • Adelphia Communications

What to research : The purpose of this assignment is to give you firsthand information about what happened to the company you’ve selected. Your corporate research should focus on the potential and/or actual criminal and civil liability of the corporation and its officers/directors

For example, what did the officers/directors do wrong? What duties were breached? What has happened with the criminal and civil lawsuits so far? Who filed the suits and what claims were filed? Were there conflicts of interest present here? How did these activities affect the shareholders and/or the company as a whole? What did the officers and directors do that was criminal AND/OR civil wrongdoing? What duties did the officers/directors breach? What has happened in the civil and criminal suits

Given the research, you’ll be relying upon sources for specific facts and information – specifics that are not within the public’s general knowlege and, consequently, you will need to cite to sources within the text and provide works cited page. Proper citation of your works cited is just as important as the content of your writing assignment. I’ve provided a great link (see separate link) that provides great examples of MLA citations and when to cite sources.At least 12 paragraph long. Please

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