Need legal help with a homework about Introduction to Victims Advocacy-1M


Consider the following scenario:

Jaime reported being raped while at work at 1:00 a.m. by a rich, handsome, relatively famous man. Jaime also has “friends” she occasionally has sex with, for profit at times. Jaime had sex with one of her boyfriends before coming to work (Jaime is a bartender at a men’s club). During the trial, the defendant’s attorney wants to question Jaime about her sexual promiscuity and whether or not she had other sexual partners within two hours before engaging in sexual intercourse with his client, an act he claims was consensual.

Should the court allow such questioning?

Question 1.

2. Choose a perspective – prosecution or defense – and present your reason for why the court should or shouldn’t allow the questioning.  Be sure to identify which perspective you chose! (6-8 sentences)

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