Need management help to answer each question about The Role of Information Technology in Small Business Success with a minimum of 250 word count.

Case: Sew What? The Role of Information Technology in Small Business Success.

Case Summary

1. Provide a summary overview of the case in your own words.

Case Analysis

2. What role does IT play in small businesses that are not ecommerce companies? Do brick and mortar companies need IT just as much as ebusinesses?

Case Application

3. In narrative form, define and describe at least three technologies that small businesses should embrace in their IT work.

Note: Case is found on page 41-42 on the provided attachment. More research can be found online for the case. Please answer each question with 250 or more word count, and 750 or more for the entire paper. Use only APA format, include in-text citation and a reference page, minimum of 3 references. Please provide the questions in the paper as well, with each answers documented to that question.

Read 1.pdf



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