Need management help with 4 Graduate Level Discussions of Business Ethics

There are 4 Graduate Level Discussions of Business Ethics. Please give your options, show your ethics, and discuss deeply.

Each topic one paragraph.

Topic 1

Some governmental systems claim that it is necessary for citizens to give up many of their rights for the benefit of the whole of their society. They conclude that the government can effectively act as the “equalizer” in making sure that all citizens are treated well. Do you agree or disagree? Explain and discuss.

Topic 2

Does a business have a right to set its own prices, regardless of the relationship to the cost of the product?

Topic 3

Can you name some absolute rights that you believe all people have? Can you then offer some duties which are created by those rights. (For example: A person may have the right to life and that may create a duty on your part not to take their life.)

Topic 4

Does a person have a right to work harder than another person, and, therefore, earn more than that person? Does that mean that they then have the right to keep the property that they have earned from their labor?

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