Need marketing help to write a paper for AT&T by following the rules below

I have showed the 5 opportunities and 5 weaknesses. Please discuss and explain the 10 points. Each point need 80-100 words. 


· 1. Further industry consolidation.

· 2. Wireless growth, particularly through its partnership with Apple/iPhone.

· 3. global expansion.

· 4. Increasing smart phones market & leveraging 4G network capabilities

· 5. AT&T plans to pursue initiatives that will expand their wireless spectrum


· 1.Increasingly more price-competitive market in both retail and wholesale markets.

· 2.Company obligations and liabilities from old business unit spin-offs.

· 3.Balance sheet — company more leveraged than competitors within the industry.

· 4.Competitive telecom segment means a limited market share

· 5.Censorship issues & Network security problems were an issue

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