one outline and one power point notes

Please check the attachment very well thank you

i have provided the paper you will need to read it in order to do the outline and the power point notes under neath it. the power point will also be provied for you just check the attachment.

and the powerpoint with the notes write under the bottom of the powerpoint.

this was my topic dont write a new topic remember you told me to post the question as a new topic so you can finish my capestone project for me beacause it was incomplete

i wanted you to do this part because i needed you to use the capestone paper i wrote to complete this part

about the Agency Name: Hocking county Department Probation. i dont need you to write a new paper. stick to this topic and i need an outline please check the attachment. so i hope that you know what the paper is about. if not please rewrite it.

Agency Laison Name: Timothy Andrew

Title: Drug court system

phone number: 740-180 -6122


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