Opening Food Order

The goal of this week’s assignment is to create the opening food order for your business concept based upon the business concept menu and standardized recipes.

Using the Opening Food Order Template provided, complete each section of the worksheet for each food category. You will want to estimate how much you will need to purchase initially to open the business concept based on the recipes and menu you anticipate using for the concept. The food items should be presented using commercial pack sizes. Review the Food Purchasing Order Guide to obtain the pack sizes, purchasing size, and costs for every item. If an ingredient is not in the Food Purchasing Order Guide, you will need to find the information or estimate the purchase unit and price. Calculate the extension for each ingredient for each category. The template provided automatically will add the totals at the bottom of each sheet.

The final step of the assignment is to complete the first worksheet – Total Opening Cost – by putting all the totals in each category to determine the value of the opening food inventory.

Completed the opening food order categories utilizing the recipes and menu.
Completed the purchase pack, pack price, unit price, quantity, purchase unit, and totals for each worksheet.
Calculated the total opening cost sheet and determined the value of the food inventory.
Used correct math and formulas to complete the forms.
Utilized correct writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources.
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