Organizational Redesign Challenges

Read the scenario below then answer the questions

Lost Cubicles at American Autonomous Cars Incorporated

You are entering the headquarters of American Autonomous Cars Inc., and you notice that dozens of employees are walking around somewhat confused and talking to each other. You ask Mr. Higgins about what is going on, and he says all the cubicles and offices have been moved. Most people cannot seem to find where their cubicles were relocated. Also, it appears there are signs on offices telling people where to move their office materials, and IT is swarming everywhere with extra help from contractors. You run to your boss’s office, and there is a note on her door saying Ms. Walker has moved to Room 732. As you further look around, you see Ms. Wilkins in the corner crying. Mr. Rodriguez has taken his tablet out and is playing a video game. The accounting staff has gone up to the president’s office. The operations team has set up a bulletin board of the cubes they have been able to locate.

You finally find Ms. Walker, and she shares with you that Ted, the CEO, wanted to do a workplace disruption as an organizational development exercise to reframe how things get done and to dismantle silos and cultural cables. He hired several moving companies and only told the information technology section.

Please consider the following questions as you respond to the discussion situation described above:

• What are the major impacts of these actions?

• What would you tell employees?

• What are some of the disruptions that would occur under these conditions?

• How might you mediate this situation?

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