Organized Crime and Terrorist

Over all this will is about street gangs as it compares to organized crime and terrorist

Attributes of Criminal Groups: Prepare a 1750 to 2850 word paper (APA format; Title Page, Abstract Page, Body, Reference Page) on the history, structure, operation, activities, and participants of the organized crime group selected by your team.  Pay special attention to involvement in the drug trafficking trade. Determine what law enforcement efforts have been directed toward the activities of the group, if any.  Consider enforcement strategies for controlling this group in the future.  

Only need the bold part not the rest that is NOT in bold. Need 400 words APA format, do not use in-text citations to fill word count.

Prepare a 15 to 20 slide presentation, Comparison of Organized Crime and Terrorist Groups: Your Presentation should talk about the History, Structure, Law Enforcements Efforts, Comparison of Organized Crime, Terrorism, and Conclusion. Include speaker notes, APA format i.e. in-text citations and Reference page. Once again only need the bold part which is Law Enforcement Efforts 4 slides. Must be simple enough to explain to High School kids.

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