Persepolis: An Analysis Essay


This week you need to finish reading your chosen graphic novel, and you are going to confirm or disprove some of its main arguments and events it describes using the following platforms:

  • twitter
  • tumblr
  • snapchat
  • instagram
  • reddit

Once you’ve done this – enter a search term related to your graphic novel in and copy the first three results you get. Now enter the exact same search terms/s into and copy the first three results. Repeat on

Can you explain the outcomes of your research on different platforms? Which of these platforms provided the most reliable and helpful information and why?

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your research, you can use specialized archives and library resources – but you must first make explicit your evaluation of social media and search engine outcomes as research tools, and then move on to other sources.

In at least 500 words, explain this process and tell us your conclusions about the reliability of the history portrayed in your graphic novel. Make sure you rigorously document the process and your reasoning. That means you have to give us links to what you found on line, take screen shots of the search results and find any way possible to document your research, and support your conclusion.

You can write this as a research report or a formal essay.

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