Personal Marketing Plan

Your ability to use the principles of this course and textbook to market yourself will be critical to your success after you leave college. By creating your personal marketing plan—a plan for personal success—you will think about how you can position yourself relative to others competing for the same job, and how you will communicate your value so that you get an interview over other candidates. Ultimately, wherever your career leads you, you will need to market yourself effectively to reach the professional goals you have set and should be able to answer the following question: Why should I hire you? Use this worksheet to develop your responses to the Personal Marketing Plan Exercises located at the end of each chapter. For reference, a sample personal marketing plan can be found in the Appendix at the back of the textbook.

The personal marketing plan worksheet is in the file.

The sample marketing plan is in the image file

I will upload the rest of the pictures for the sample marketing plan when this question is chosen

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