Personal Narrative Speech Evaluations, communications homework help

art 1: Post Your Factors of Effectiveness

  1. Summarize five factors of effective speaking (one paragraph for each factor).
    • Use your textbook, class videos, personal experiences and observations to generate five factors of effective speaking.
    • Place the factor in a heading and the paragraph explaining the factor directly below the heading.
    • Be detailed in your description of the evaluation factors by using the 6-7 Sentence Paragraph format (cite the definitions of key terms!).
    • Examples of factors might include “Uses effective organization with a clear beginning, middle and end” or “Uses voice effectively to speak conversationally.” These examples point to specific speech writing qualities or speech presentation behaviors and are more detailed than simply writing “Is well organized” or “uses delivery well.”
  2. Post your summarization on the class discussion forum titled Discussion 04: Personal Narrative Speech Evaluations by clicking the Class Discussion Board link in the course menu.
  3. Make sure to follow the detailed instructions for posting on the discussion board found on the Class Discussion Board.
  4. NOTE: This discussion forum is a post forum. You have to post your initial response first in order to see all of the posts in the forum.
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