Persuasive Speech Assignment

Dear writer

I have a Persuasive Speech Assignment. The main topic of this speech is “ How Junk Food Affects Children”


1.Introduction : The priority here is to intrigue your audience and involve them in the discussion while stating the purpose of the speech with a concise thesis statement. you have to Write a strong opening. Before you can begin persuading your audience, you need to open the speech in a way that will make them want to pay attention. A strong opening has five main elements:

*An attention grabber. This could be a statement that gets your audience’s attention. It can be a good idea to be a little startling or dramatic at the opening of your speech.

*A link to the audience. This is a means of showing that you have something in common with the audience. Show that you have a similar background or share an emotional connection of some kind. This will really depend on knowing your audience.

*Your credentials. This is a means of showing that you are knowledgeable or an authority on the topic of the speech. Highlight the research you’ve done on your topic. If you have any personal or professional experience with the topic, be sure to emphasize that, too.

*Your goal. Explain to the audience what you hope the speech will accomplish.

*A road map. Finally, tell the audience what the main points of the speech will be.

2.Body: The main body of your speech should contain the points you outlined in Part 1. It should provide the audience with several convincing reasons to support your viewpoint.

*Here you present your argumentation and back it up with supporting materials.

*come up with 3-4 arguments that would speak in favor of your subject. Make them short and simple as you’ll have time to elaborate on each and every one of them separately when presenting your supporting material.

*Be sure to use statistical data and facts while staying away from assumptions.

*Arrange these points logically.

*Use credible sources from your research to back the points you are making. Even if your point is more emotional (pathos), introducing some factual information will make your argument stronger.

*Use real life examples that the audience can relate to. Even an argument based on facts and logic (logos) should relate to the audience’s lives and interests.

3.Conclusion: Conclude with a call to action. The conclusion of your speech should remind your audience of what you have told them. It should also make it clear exactly what you hope they will do next.

ØThe final part of the speech gives you the opportunity to sum up the arguments, restate your main idea and provoke your audience to take your side ( for or against ) .

ØBuild a strong conclusion – avoid vague sentences or ideas in this part of the speech. It’s your final frontier that should be used to deliver your point of view loud and clear.

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