Plea Bargaining Paper

Assignment 4

Assignment 4
Due: Apr 13, 2018

Plea Bargaining Assignment
Due: April 13th, 2018
20 Points

Watch PBS video FRONTLINE: The Plea and write a 3 page paper on your reaction to the fact that 95% of all criminal convictions are the results of plea bargains. Do you believe this legal phenomenon is inconsistent with the Sixth Amendment’s guarantee of an accused’s right to a public and speedy trial by a jury of his/her peers? LINK TO VIDEO


1. Your assignment must be written in APA format (complete with headers, title page, abstract, and work cited- NOT to be counted towards your 3 page minimum)

2. Please double-space your work, and PROOF READ YOUR WORK.

3. While this is factual and opinion based, please be sure to write academically. In other words, do not write your paper saying “well you know how things are…” or “I would never be caught doing xyz…”. You’re writing an assignment for college. Please write like you are!

4. Please use the text(s) in order to support your position, as well as any additional scholarly readings.

5. If you are going to take information from a source, do your best to put that information in your own words. If you have to directly quote the author, you are required to make a connection between the information you are taking and how it applies to your analysis IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

6. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure your assignment has been properly uploaded to Canvas.

7. Upload your document in a “.doc” or “.docx” format. If I cannot open it on my end, you will automatically receive a 0.

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