Post University KSA and competency Model Paper

Things with your project are moving along quite well, as you solidify KSAs for your team and gather your thoughts about competency models and needs analysis when your boss reaches out to check in…

I hope you have been well and enjoying your new position – I’ve heard great things are in motion with the Train-the-Trainer project. Please send me the draft of your narrative on the KSAs and Competency Model by the end of the week. More information is below.
Thank you!

Instructions: Submit a Word document draft of the KSA and Competency Model narrative you will use in your presentation due in Unit 7.
Your draft should include the following:

• The top five (5) KSAs of your training staff. • A minimum of five (5) elements to make up the Competency Model (i.e., Communication, Problem-Solving, etc.). • The reasoning for the elements you have selected for the Competency Model and how each element ties directly to your top five (5) selected KSAs.

• Your draft should be 1-2 pages and written in proper APA format.
HRM308 – Training and Development Unit 3 Assignment: KSAs and Competencies Draft
• Use at least two (2) references to support your work. You may use your textbook as a resource. • Use any feedback from your instructor from this assignment to refine your work for its final submission.

Use this link to choose the KSA elements.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s) of training professionals in ONET.

Here are some additional links:

O*Net – A database resource for job satisfaction, employment, job searching and negotiating.

  • ATD – Association for Talent Development
  • ISPI – International Society for Performance Improvement
  • The eLearning Guild
  • SHRM – Society for Human Resource Management

How to conduct a simple training needs assessment in 7 steps. The Balance Careers.

Pollack, D. M. (2018, December 3). Competency modeling as the foundation for impactful training programs. Training Industry.

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