Project Plan Instructions

Write a Project Plan Instructions:

1) After reading about project plans in your text, look at an area of your life such as this or other class, or other project or job you are doing and create a project plan to map it out. It may also be fictitious if you wish.

2) This should come from integrating these concepts into your own academic plans or workplace professional perspective. Feel free to be creative with this assignment.

Your project plan may take the form of:

a. A narrative description as a word document.

b. A flowchart with each project step documented with date and alternate flows documented where needed.

c. A Microsoft project format.

d. An Excel document.

Keep in mind that whichever format you use, you should have a schedule with dates projected included and any resources (other persons) that are part of your project.

3) This may be as short as one page or as many pages as you need to accomplish the task depending on the format or project.

Submit via the assignment drop box by the due date

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