Re-write Economics Answers into Easy to Understand Sentences

Hi there, I need someone to make an easy to understand study guide for me for economics. 

I need someone to re-write the textbook solutions to the questions in these documents Chapter 1 -9 into: short, concise, simple, easy-to-understand answers that I can easily memorize (that is very important). Also, please try not to use the same wording in the textbook solutions if possible, since my answers are supposed to be original and unique.

I need this to be written in native, U.S. English  (very important) without any awkward sounding wording or grammatical errors.

Some questions will require graphs, so please include well-labeled graphs with brief explanations that I can use to follow through. Some questions may require knowledge of certain tables and figures so I have attached the document containing them.

Chapter 1.doc 

Chapter 2.doc 

Chapter 3.doc 

Chapter 4.doc 

Chapter 5.doc 

Chapter 6.doc 

Chapter 7.doc 

Chapter 8.doc 

Chapter 9.doc 

Tables and Figures for Study Guide.pdf 

I would like this completed by Oct 10 – Sat – by 4:00 pm EST

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