Relational database case study

Mini case.

The Super Baseball League maintains a substantially decentralized IS organization with the focus on the security measures. individual teams. Each team has a server with a LAN at its stadium or offices near the stadium. The League has a server with a LAN at its Chicago headquarters. The league and each of the teams maintain a Web site at their locations. People can get general information about the league at the league’s Web site; they can get information about the individual teams as well as buy game tickets through each team’s Web site. Data collected at the team locations, such as player statistics updates and game attendance figures, is uploaded nightly to the server at league headquarters via telephone lines.

A. Devise a data security strategy for the super baseball league, incorporating appropriate data security measures.

B. The Super Baseball League’s main relational database (see Minicase 5.2), located at its head- quarters in Chicago, is for the most part a repository of data collected from the teams. The league wants to keep the headquarters database up and running, but it is more important to keep the individual team databases in their stadiums or offices up and running with as little downtime as possible. Devise backup and recovery and disaster recovery strategies for the Super Baseball League.

C. Fans can order or buy tickets from the individual teams over the telephone, through the teams’ Web sites, or in person at the teams’ box offices. All of this activity takes place simultaneously. Devise a strategy that will avoid selling a particular seat for a particular game more than once.

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