Research proposal

racial stereotype;

research proposal :

Impact of black stereotype on American society

independent variable:

Black racial stereotype

depende variable:

American society

ages: 12-30


h0:black racial stereotypenhasbnegativebimpactbon the American society.

H1: black racial stereotypendoes not have negative impacts on the American society.

outline:   Students will write a research proposal on the approved topic, in APA format. It must include: title page, abstract,

introduction, proposed method, planned analysis, discussion, and reference.  (6 pages). the proposal must have a minimum of 3 references (peer-reviews empirical studies).

NOTE; don’t forget to include : (IV, DV, previous research, hypothesis, proposed methodology (participants and how you would conduct the study, research design), results (what stat. analysis you would use) and Discussion (what it would mean if your hypothesis should accepted / rejected).

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