Retail Innovation PowerPoint

For this assignment, you are required to prepare a Retail Innovation PowerPoint:

Requirement: Prepare a PowerPoint presentation highlighting 10 retail innovations over the last 100 years. They should be placed in chronological order. Additionally, include audio to discuss each innovation and the impact it has had on the industry. A minimum of 250 words must be included within the Notes section of each slide. You should consider these notes as your presenter notes for the presentation. All slides should be formatted to APA standard.

Research: Additionally, using the APUS Online Library, conduct research and incorporate at least two (2) additional sources other than your readings to support your work. Use the APA Style to cite your “in-text” references and to list your references on a reference page. A copy of APA Style Examples is located in your Student Course Materials folder. You can view it by clicking on the Course Materials button. Additionally, the APUS Online Library has the APA Style Manual available for your use.

Length – 10 PowerPoint slides not including the title page and reference page.

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