reword the answers to these 5 already answered questions to avoid plagarism

These 5 questions are already answered but need to be reworded to avoid plagerism

1. Discuss the consumer decision making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna and the

response hierarchy model this is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product.

The reason that has caused the shifting or rather the movement from advertising media, has caused decision making process to alter drastically. Consumers were more habituated towards noticing their personal icons when media advertising was intensified with the accompanying StarKist and Chicken of the Sea Inc. Customers displayed loyalty towards aset brand and this loyalty seemed to mature put of known icons which is “Charlie the Tuna”and the mermaid on behalf of Chicken of the Sea Inc. Since currently, the spotlights has reallocated chiefly towards the use of coupons, print-ads, and in-store promotions, there are additionally more contribution required to make consumer decision making process ongoing and busy. The canned tuna, which is classified as a foodstuff product, isn’t a necessity and thus can be substituted by a variety of other foodstuff products. More competitiveness exists because currently a customer has the option to just pick any brand because it is considered to be the cheapest at a chosen market or rather these consumers discovered a coupon displayed at an advertisement. Brand Loyalty is a concept or logic that is not being forced into the minds of the consumer anymore via the employment of commercial ad spots with a mermaid. At present organizations are at war with each other to provide as many promotions as possible and also discounts as well to make sure sales rise, but consequently, consumers end up purchasing a different brand of tuna. Additionally, other variety of promotions, websites with interactive products and newspaper ads are being employed to reach potential customers at their home. Before consumers decide to take a trip to the store to purchase their conveniences, they could decide on what they really want. I feel that customers could have pursued the Hierarchy of Effects Model during the past as soon as the efforts pertaining tomarketing moved away from media advertising. Customers were well aware of the brands that they are totally loyal to via their built choices and this has made them to purchase or choose one brand over the other. Currently, customers would tend to pursue the AID model. Although a it is a fact that the final purchase decision isn’t driven by the aspect of loyalty or rather keeping constant with just one brand, but it is more of a purchase action where the consumer considers various other factors. There must be some sort of motivation that must be created via the procedures of promotions, retails sales and print ads. This seeks attention of prospect consumers and enhances the urge to choose one brand over the other, although the purchase decision shall occur each time.

2. Discuss the role integrated marketing communications plays in the marketing of canned/packaged tuna for a company such as Chicken of the Sea International. How might the company use the various IMC tools as part of its marketing program?

the movement away from majorly employing the use of media advertising calls for a more incorporated administration of marketing endeavors of the Chicken of the Sea Inc. brand.Asa substitute of winning over sales through a attractive mermaid and constructing about that figure, the firm must alleviate and recuperate its trade name to customers throughout innovative marketing works. The existence of adequate promotions and print-ads, and the reallocation in consideration provides ample accountability in the hands of vendors rather than the producers. Vendors are provided with stipends to take canned tuna from Chicken of the Sea Inc. to replace other brands. Customers are being motivated via interactive websites and coupons inclusive print ads, although the firm must provide effort to bring all of its work together to sustain a constant, reliable communication. Distributing its contact over several intermediaries is an indication that an incorporated advancement is being employed. The firm isn’t dependent on a single way of contact towards its objected market, and they have recognized the achievements that can be finished via other structures of selling. Through amore attentive incorporated marketing connections strategy in position, Chicken of the SeaInc. might recover the brand name trustworthiness it apprehended for many years via its trendy mermaid symbol

3. Discuss how Chicken of the Sea’s marketing personnel and advertising agency might evaluate the appropriateness of using Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company and whether she is a good fit for the brand.

Employing Jessica Simpson as a representative or spokesperson was a very striking choice during the year 2003. The Chicken of the Sea Inc. staff could effortlessly perceive that Jessica was a celebrity on demand with remarkable recognition. With a spokesperson they would cover a celebrity with a renown familiar names of that time. The firm needs to access more than the requirement of popularity and fame, nonetheless, and must regard what representation Jessica would provide to the Chicken of the Sea Incbrand. The promotions and advertising community must set up what representation they will display to the aimed audience and who could better suggest that meaning to customers. Attention can be acquired by having a famous star showing off the product which is the canned tuna, but the dilemma is does that awareness gets linked with the star Jessica Simpson, or with the Chicken of the SeaInc.They must reflect upon the likelihood that Jessica would emit an outline over the advertised products she is that endorsing. Moreover, the individuality of Jessica ought to be evaluated. Although famous, she is extensively thought of ditzy which could be accepted for the ever-popular music television channel MTV, except that it may perhaps be observed pessimistically towards purchasers of the Chicken of the Sea Inc. brand. Her well-known fishfaux pas possibly could turn out to be a very accepted position for a commercial market with audiences considering it as fanciful and humorous and fine for a modern Chicken of the Sea brand. Nonetheless, the faux pas demonstrated Simpson didn’t get acquainted with the product which was tuna and not chicken. Thus, this possibly will be a critic with audiences who perceive it as an additional ditzy moment and discover promotions to be unattractive with Simpson as the chief. The solution is discovering the exact fit for the product and Chicken of the Sea is on the lookout for an update on representation for which Jessica Simpson might be a perfect fit or rather a upsetting illustration

4. Discuss the pros and cons of Chicken of the Sea International hiring Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for the company. Can the company afford to hire her and spend the money on TV advertising to use her effectively


Remarkable reputation at present scenario.

Elevated ratings and esteem among teens; upbringing new market towardsChicken of the Sea Inc.brand

May perhaps exploit on well-known fish faux pas prospect that has determined fame for Chicken of the Sea Inc.brand

Prospect to produce brand name and attention towards new market who are comprised of teens specifically

The Cons are:

The ditzy kind of image might not be well suited with Chicken of the Sea Inc. brand image.

Hiring a spokesperson can amount to high costs probably in millions of dollars.

costly ad campaigns to escort her as representative- and thus the need will arise to air exclusive broadcast commercials to better make use of Simpson as representative

Other forms of promotion would also be required where the cost of hiring Simpson shall go up definitely.

The mermaid image employed bay become dull or tarnished in the long run or period.

5. What would you do if you were Don George? Would you recommend that the company hire Simpson as a spokesperson? Why or why not?

If I were to personally make a or take a decision I would definitely employ Jessica Simpson as the Spokesperson. During that time period, she was really famous and of course popular. The possibility to bring up a totally new market is a chance not to lose. Simpson would get the most out of the fame she had already brought up on Chicken of the Sea Inc. via the fishfaux pas.It is therefore that particular popular scene I would get the most out of with Simpson being the authorized spokesperson. An advertising campaign would be devised byme where Simpson who is the charming icon would display that Chicken of the Sea Inc. is the brand pertaining to canned tuna to purchase leaving out the remaining brands. On another note, I would not employ Simpson as an icon of a mermaid for this specific brand as the mermaid should remain as a tradition and would sustain the customers who have got used to seeing and purchasing Chicken of the Sea foodstuff just by visualizing and seeing the mermaid icon. Simpson would stimulate an innovative market that consequently would addon towards its consciousness and attention in Chicken of the Sea brand through the employment of her explicitly Sales would amplify in the brand new market Simpson would then become the leading light of Chicken of the Sea commercials, and the mermaid would remain as the long admired icon for promotions outside or in-store and of course for print-ads. Teenage spectators would be more likely to pay further awareness to TV and identify


fame and reputation. With this Chicken of the Sea obtains an innovative brand creating proposal by tempting to current and long-standing customers.

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