Safe 4425 Topic Paper # 1 Safety Research Hartford Hospital Fire

the assignment is about an accident that created an osha regulation or standard meaning a standrd was created after an incident happen such as bhopal disaster.

1. look for an incident that fit the criteria. all these topics are already selected by my class mates so they can’t be used.

Bhopal Disaster – by T.P

2. Hawk’s Nest – by D.L

3. Tenerife Aircraft Accident – by B.C.

4. 1907 Monongah West Virgina Coal Mine Explosion – by M. H.

5. Sinking of the Titanic and Contributions to Maritime Safety – by N.D.

6. Triangle Shirtwaste Factory Fire – by C.S.

7. Pepcon Explosion – by J.H.


2. the rubric is attached.

3. Three pages of text, one title page, one reference/works cited page (five total).


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