Save to Draft

If you only leave this class with one piece of knowledge, please leave with this:


This works for many reasons:

  1. You may get passionate about something and want to fire back an email. Allow yourself to cool down and reread before you send to ensure it is what you want to say. SAVE TO DRAFT
  2. You may have a very important email going to the globe or your CEO. Make sure it is absolutely perfect before you send. Perhaps sleep on it or revisit with fresh eyes. SAVE TO DRAFT
  3. You may have to send a negative email (like no pay increases). Ensure it will be effectively received by the audience. Reread with fresh eyes. SAVE TO DRAFT
  4. You may be summarizing something in which you have worked very diligently. Being so close to the project, you often miss mistakes or do not relay the message simply enough, as others are not as close to it as you are. Have a friend proofread or you reread with fresh eyes at a later time before sending. SAVE TO DRAFT

In this forum:


  • List 3-5 other reasons you may want to save to draft
  • Have you ever had a circumstance in which you wish you would have saved to draft? If so, please elaborate.
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