Section Five – Alternative Solutions, homework help

Section Five – Alternative Solutions [Five lists]

List a minimum of 5 alternative solutions and at least 3 benefits or consequences (pros/cons) for each potential solution. Note – “do nothing” is NOT a solution!
Example: Alternative Solution;

Section Six – Conclusion and Recommendations

[Whatever it takes – this should be the longest portion of your analysis.]
Part A. Stock Analysis

Intro – For this investment: Briefly describe the company, type of fund, etc.

Body – Create a graph illustrating the investment’s activity for the given time period.

Conclusion – Indicate your profit/loss for this investment. Provide a brief overview of your findings – as a team, what did you learn? Discuss any world events that could account for your profit/loss.


Part B. Action Plan

Design an action plan to solve the original problem within the case. Consider the ideas from section five and justify your suggestions. (Risks/Rewards) You MUST include original research to update the case.

Conclusions and Recommendations

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