Social Control Criminal Justice discussion

Write 200 words and cite all sources used

Social Control, formal or informal, seeks, in many cases, to eliminate or at the very least control, behavior that is deemed anti-social, negative or deviant. The problem arises when control runs headlong into guaranteed freedoms and rights. How we exercise that control is often hotly debated. In the Discussion Forum folder (found in the Course Documents) there are two articles, one academic, one newspaper, that highlight some of the issues that arise when a community, organization, or government seeks to ban certain behaviors. Read the newspaper article regarding a soccer league in South Carolina and glance through the article about the Collective Club Ban in the Netherlands. Are these bans warranted or necessary? Could the issues been handled a different way? Should individual rights be factored in when considering the impact on the wider group? Do we lose anything in the process? Keep to a paragraph or two and don’t be afraid to share your real thoughts!

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