SPHE352 Assignment 6

Assignment Instructions


  • The assignment was submitted on time as a Word Document attachment in APA format utilizing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Student included and accurately explained each aspect of the ideal practice plan included in chapter 10.
  • The student explained how he or she would implement each element with specific examples of the time and content from each practice segment.

In Chapter 10, our texts suggests the following be in place at every practice.

� Date, time and length of practice
� Objective of the practice
� Equipment needed
� Warm-up
� Practice of previously taught skills
� Teaching and practicing new skills
� Cool-down
� Coaches’ comments
� Evaluation of practice

For this assignment, briefly explain each one of these elements. Beyond these elements, what would you want your practices to be like? Be specific with your responses and provide examples when applicable. What element do you feel is missing from this list, if any? Explain your rationale.

Assignment should be at least two pages in length and submitted as a double-spaced Word document attachment.

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