The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

Question 1

These articles present two different ways of assessing the marketplace. As you read, compare and contrast Porter and McCarthy’s approaches to developing marketing strategy. Identify the three most important similarities and three most important differences, and note them in your ePortfolio.

Competitive Strategy: The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy

Porter, M. E. (2008, January). The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review, 86(1), 78–93. Harvard Single Click Permalink:…

Developing Marketing Strategy for Electronic Business by Using McCarthy’s Four Marketing Mix Model and Porter’s Five Competitive Forces

Azadi, S., & Rahimzadeh, E. (2012). Developing marketing strategy for electronic business by using McCarthy’s four marketing mix model and Porter’s five competitive forces. Emerging Markets Journal, 2(2), 47–58.Retrieved from the Walden University Library databases.

Question 2

Go online and conduct a search for “market assessment smart phones.” Compare the conclusions of two or more resources and reconcile conflicting viewpoints. Share your insights in Discussions.

Question 3

Go online and conduct key word searches for a product or company of your choice for each of the following terms: product strategy, pricing, advertising, digital, and distribution. For example, you might search “chairs product strategy.” In
Discussions, reflect on how these different marketing components fit together.

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