Topic 4 – The Queer discussion

For individual discussions, you will generally be required to post a response of at least 200 words to a topic of your choice. Each prompt includes introductory explanation plus several questions. Each topic response should focus on a relevant issue you wish to examine and should make a thoughtful, well-developed argument. Close reading and use of quotation is encouraged. Use parenthetical page or electronic location numbers for citation, ie. (148). Before responding to the prompts, read prior posts, especially any that have been highlighted by the instructor. If particular questions have already been answered satisfactorily, choose other questions to address. Strive to avoid producing repetitive responses; instead, try to bring something new to the conversation to keep it moving forward.

Topic 4 – The Queer


The queer, as defined in queer theory by philosophers like Eve Sedgwick and Judith Butler, is that which rejects normative behavior and challenges social structure. The queer disrupts fundamental social categories, blurs lines, and crosses boundaries. Homoeroticism is queer because it challenges heteronormativity and family structure. The queer disrupts the social economy because it is non-productive and non-reproductive; it embraces pleasure rather than work.

In what ways is the xenomorph (extraterrestrial alien) in the film Alien represented as queer? In what ways does the alien challenge human biological and behavioral norms? How is alien reproduction monstrous?

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