UCSD Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Paper

Paper #1 on the reading ““How to Speak Up About Ethical Issues at Work” and the audio “The Psychology Behind White-collar Crime”


Identify and briefly describe an ethical issue that you are facing now in your own life. If you are not facing an ethical issue now, choose one you have faced within the last year. It can be related to your employment, a class situation, organized sports, a religious organization, etc. Be clear about the facts of the situation but keep your description of the dilemma brief. Your score is based largely on your analysis as opposed to your story telling. Use the limited space you have mostly to analyze your dilemma based on the material you read and listened to for this assignment.

I’ve attached some files which are including the reading and audio, also, there is an example of writing a good paper and some guide files which have some questions you might be considered, but remember to read the whole reading and listen the audio to analyze the situation. Those questions are just some ideas to help you on writing a successful paper.

The paper should be written in the right form as requirement that I have attached below and should be the the right length (400 words to 450 words). It CANNOT BE 395 words or 451 words so please pay at attention to meet the requirement.

The paper must be done by Wednesday, Oct 2, 2019 by 9PM. I really appreciate if you can turn in the paper early to avoid technical issues.

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