United States and Iran

This an written project (2-4 pages). Based on your knowledge of your assigned country (IRAN) and the United States, identify relevant business opportunities for an existing US-based company. Identify the main challenges for that the company may need to address and suggest ways to deal with these challenges.

Assume you are scouting for opportunities for an existing company.

Your essay should clearly accomplish the following:

1. identify a viable business opportunity

2. explain why it is viable (provide evidence)

3. examples of countries where such an opportunity has been successfully exploited

4. potentially challenges that may be encountered by the US company

5. explain why such challenge(s) may be encountered

6. examples of places/countries a US-based company has face similar challenge(s)

7. state the steps the company need to take in order to succeed in your assigned country

8. discuss why these steps will work

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