University Of California, Los Angeles Questions About Citigroup Bank

Using credible sources answer the following questions

1. Identify your firm’s competitors. Define each firm’s market share as well as the market shares of the top 3-5 firms. If your company competes in several markets or industries, the competitors in each market or industry you are analyzing should be identified.

2. Using your list in item 1 above, identify your firm’s primary competitors (emerging and existing). Justify why these firms are the primary competitors.

3. Define each primary competitor’s business level and corporate level strategies. The business level strategies should be classified according to Porter’s generic (business level) strategies. The corporate level should be classified according to the different types of corporate level strategies reviewed in class (such as related constrained, related linked, unrelated, dominant business, etc.).

4. How does each competitor achieve their strategic position? Identify each firm’s key resources, capabilities, products and markets served. Compare and contrast the competitors on these factors.

5. What are the implications of the above elements for: a) the industry? b) rivalry? c) your firm’s strategy?

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