University of Nairobi Management Information System Questions

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Part 1

Q1: Distinguish between System Software and Application Software with examples.

Q2: You are the CIO of a company and are currently facing a steep budget cut. You need to make a choice between freeware, open-source and licensed/purchased software for a critical enterprise system. Explain what will you choose and why?

Q3: You indicated in class what your favorite mobile app is. Compare the mobile app with its web version (use screen-shots for visual appeal) in terms of features and usability.

Part 2

Q1: Explain under what circumstances does the IP address of a machine change. If you had planned to track a user based on his/her IP address, what alternative option (that does not change) can you use? (Hint: We discussed this option in class)

Q2: You are the Chief Information Security Officer of a company. Obviously, you are concerned about security the most. You need to make a choice between (a) hosting an information system on-premise, (b) use infrastructure as a service (Iaas), or (c) use software as a service on the public cloud. Explain what will you choose and why?

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