University of Phoenix Human Resources Planning Presentation

You and your learning team members are lead HR Recruiters for Consolidation Tech Plus (CTP) Inc. Each member leads a team of two HR Generalists and three HR Recruiters. As a team, it is your job to create a presentation for all HR Recruiters and Generalists on your team, outlining the recruitment, selection, and hiring process.

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, including clear and specific presenter’s notes, in which your team trains new HR professionals on the established process and steps of HR forecasting, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring of employees, and hiring process. In your presentation:

  • Outline the process and steps of HR forecasting, recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and hiring of employees.
  • Use visual aids and graphics to enhance your presentation

Opening slide- Subject and names of participants

#2 Detail on what the presentation will briefly cover and how long it will take.

Where we are now. where are we going and what’s between here and there? This should list slide topics and emphasize importance maintaining a cheerful mood.

#3 first step in the journey is Analyzing organizational objectives

#4 Next step Inventory of present human resources

#5 Followed by Forecasting demand and supply of human resources

#6 What might be a problem, estimating manpower gaps

#7 Formulating the human resources action plan

#8 Organization and staff have comments, complaints, moans, groans, gripes or alternatives? Monitoring control and feedback

#9 Recruiting fishing holes for desired applicants, position to be filled, benefits package, pay scale, availability in the current market, Minimum eligibility requirements, line managers hopes and expectations, public relations and outreach, proper representation of Consolidation Tech Plus

#10 Interviewing, know the job posting, display professionalism, keep the conversation on track and know who you are talking to. Get the best overall generalized picture of the applicant that cant be obtained from a resume.

#11 Selecting is best done by determining the individual that best fits the culture and position to be filled. revisit what has been done to this point in the process and how it apexes to this moment in selecting of the applicant.

#12 Hiring nears the end of this process but still requires in processing and training. For the sake of ending the presentation before covering a never ending task of retention and attrition management. lucky slide maker can share the excitement of congratulating a new employee into the organization and enforce the high level expectations.

#13 Recap the outline covered in the last 11 slides and the importance of the journey to the organizations strategic goals. Close the presentation.

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