University of Phoenix Project Management Plan – Approach

Approach and Phases section of template.

Identify any available sources to understand the scope of the project proposal.

Describe the phases the project will contain. Update Project Management Approach and Phases section of template.

Develop the project scope for your project. Update Project Scope and Requirements section of template.

Develop a Project Schedule and Address the following: (Schedule can be done in MS Project or Excel but Screen shots needs to be inserted into the Schedule and Work Breakdown section of the template and must include activity, duration, start and finish dates, predecessors, and resources assigned)

· Define the project requirements

· Define activities for the project

· Develop the schedule for your project proposal.

· Estimate primary activity duration

· Sequence the primary activities

· Develop a work breakdown structure and define the tasks

· Determine the labor requirement

· Determine necessary resources for the project

Update Project Management Plan template I provided in Week 1 removing green and black text for sections you update with your own project information and leave all other sections intact along with incorporating feedback from prior weeks assignments. NOTE: if you do not use the template I provided your assignment will be rejected and you will have 1 attempt to resubmit it but it will be considered late depending on when you submit it.

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