Victoria Hyper Globalists & The Great Recession of 2008 & 2009 Questions

Question1: ” The Great Recession of 2008-2009 exposed deep flaws in the framework of the ‘hyper-globalists’ and has posed the need for a critical rethinking of the way in which IPE deals with the question of globalization.’ With reference to the role of the state, regionalism and financialization, critically assess the accuracy of this statement. Make reference to specific books and articles from the course in addressing the question.

Question 2: The process of regionalization and the creation of regional blocs are controversial developments. Do regionalization and regional blocs contribute to the process of globalization or are the origins and purposes of these regional developments too varied and distinct to be classified as parallel to the process of globalization? Make reference to specific processes of regionalization and regional in addressing the question.

Question 3: How has the “Third World debit crisis” ( and the managing of this crisis by the First World) alters the possibilities for meaningful development between the various regions of the Developing World? How has the process of globalization altered the relationship between Developed and Developing Nations (what remains constant and what, if anything, has changed)? Make reference to specific nation-states and regions in addressing the question.

Each essay should be roughly 1,000 to 1,400 words long. Ensure that you cover a breadth of course material and include your own critical reflections on the material. Your essays are expected to conform to a standard university essay style, including a strong thesis statement, structural organization, and the proper use of citations and references.

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