week 4 response 2 LDST 330

I need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format.

Patriotism, Fidelity, and Obedience;

A Triune Plexus in Worshipping God

According to scripture, from one man, God started from hypothesis ending in reality, creating all the nations through out all of Earth with diversity and hospitality. He determined beforehand their boundaries, allowing each culture to have its own amount of time and plenty of space to develop and live in order to thrive in distinctive ways. His purpose in doing this was for the nations, in their cultures and religions, to seek after the Ultimate God, not to just grope for Him in the darkness of unawareness, but to actually find Him in His glory not very far from their Hearts. Therefore, God is not remote, but very near. For in Him, mankind lives, moves, and exists. Humanity belongs, distinctively, to God. Since this is true, that is, humanity is offspring of God, philosophy external from God should not be considered as trustworthy. The ideas of Patriotism, Fidelity, and Obedience should not and can not be applied to this kind of ignorance. So, there must be reconsideration of what is living truth, that is, to be responsible and accountable to a higher standard relative to holiness (Acts 17:26-31). The purpose of this post is to understand that reaching the capacity of faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:13) allows humanity’s mature capability to not only apply Patriotism, Fidelity, and Obedience as acts of worship towards God, but to also prevent them from being undermined as noble causes.

At the base of Patriotism is the standards of Loyalty, Ethics, Honor, and Personal Courage. In bearing faith and allegiance to God first, then country, one must have and engage the essence of morality that is apropos to Christlikeness, that is, the desire to do all things rightly the power, love (1 Cor 13), mercy, grace, truth, and purity, all these characteristics leading to holiness. There must be standards, values, and priorities of Servant Leadership encased in Selfless Service, that is, to place the welfare of not only one’s country above one’s self, but also to the Kingdom of God-righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit effecting culture, climate, and the process of living. Thus, for one to cower from being patriotic, especially in divine purpose, demonstrates severe idiocy of the Acts 17:26-31 reality (Fisher/Martini, 2004, p.51). In the structure of Loyalty, Semper Fidelis (always faithful) suggests displaying the true version of the Heb 11 narrative. If by this Semper fi (faith always), there is understanding that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what is now seen did not come from anything that can be seen (v.3), then, what one sees is what one gets. Humanity is genuine article of God and country, that some who can be trusted with the goals of Godly purpose, no matter what, and the welfare of God in and through humanity will always be considered before one’s self-interests, even in life and death crisis (p.58) in which Personal Courage plays a part. Embedded in Personal Courage is Obedience. The scriptures say that not only is Obedience better than Sacrifice (1 Sam 15:22), but it ultimately leads to it in Christ as well. That Sacrifice in Christ resulting from Obedience is an act of Worship, that is, being devoted to God with one’s whole self, putting Jesus at the center of worship in all living experiences, and have a continued desire to be lead, guided, and directed by the Spirit into all truth about all things. According to the Fisher/Martini text, Obedience not only requires an attitude of Humility and a willingness to subordinate personal interests for the common good of society, but it, also, makes one recognize the philosophy and Sovereignty Leadership of others, that is, the power, authority, and dominion that others have in God’s purposes. Without it, unified action in God and country would be non-existent because everyone’s faith and action would be helter skelter (p.60).

In conclusion, I believe contemporary American culture has, in deed, undermined Patriotism, generally. With the showcase of political scandal, no matter the dignitary, there is community distrust of American politics across situations. Currently, America is dealing with the debilitating issues of the Trump Administration-the bogus statements about women, seeming lies regarding political relations with Russia, Trumpcare, the border wall between the United States and Mexico, and the passing of a corporate favored tax bill. Whether Liberal or Conservative in concept, the American public, in general, is having a difficult time embracing this president and his ideas as American standard. Because of this lack of trust, there is a diminished continuity in displaying a ‘faith always’ attitude in an administration that tries to exist above and beyond the rules of appropriate diplomacy.


Fisher/Martini. 2004. Inspiring Leadership; Character and Ethics Matter. Academy Leadership: King of Prussia, PA.

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