week 9 Research assignment

*Note – It is ideal that you base your Observational Research around your Research Proposal from the beginning of the class. If you are not in a position to be able to, please select an observation topic and location that is related.

Employing the observational research method, pick a retail store, public park, or other appropriate location, and record at least six attributes of 20 people (or groups of people) entering the store/location. Your observational research should be related to the topic you’ve been using in some of the previous assignments for this course.

You must to develop a matrix (see below) for data collection and you must write a report of your findings.

I’m expecting a cover page, 2-3 body pages (single-spaced, make it look like a business document, not a school paper), and closed with an appendix containing your data collection matrix.

See the attached Observational Research Assignment document for complete instructions and requirements.

Your observational research assignment must be submitted via uLearn as a PDF. Google how to save a document as a PDF if you’re not already familiar.

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