Week Task 1

Reply to each of the following post in 100 words or more.

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Rosie Cordova

The concept of research may evoke in us thoughts of university scholars conducting their studies unaware of the actual business world. The reality is that research is a tool that must be used by business and human resource practitioners. Research utilization in human resources is limited, in part, by time limitations. HR practitioners need to solve problems using research and a systematic approach of analysis. Examples of how research could improve choices and decisions are research regarding structured interviews, goal-setting for employees, and intelligence testing (Grossman, 2009).

Grossman, R. (2009). Closing the gap between research and practice. HR Magazine, 54(11), 31-37.

Secondary Data
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Rosie Cordova

Once the decision of conducting a study is done and the research problem is clear, secondary data offer supportive documentation to reveal information already discovered through prior research and documentation to support the need for solving that specific research problem (Ghaurik & Gronhaug, 2005). By following the same steps for formal research and adopting them to meet our needs, HR managers can conduct professional research catered to the needs of the organization.

Ghaurik, P. & Gronhaug, K. (2005). Research Methods in business studies: A practical guide (3rd ed.). Harlow, England: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

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