Weekly discussion to be answered

By 1962, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) had all but ceased operating. In 1969, a Catholic civil rights movement had engulfed Northern Ireland when Catholics demanded the same rights as Protestants. The Northern Ireland government reacted to the movement with aggressive and repressive actions. When the situation escalated with violence, the British Army was sent in.

1.Choose an action taken by the British Army during this time period that you believe contributed to the resurgence of the IRA. Provide a rationale for your response.

2. Explain—with supporting facts why the action taken by the British Army had such an impact on the resurgence of the IRA. Hypothesize what might have happened differently had the British Army not taken this single action.

3.With the collapse of the Soviet Union, several breakaway states emerged in the region. Explain the potential threats that these breakaway states poses to the U.S. Analyze these potential threats, and suggest the key measures that the U.S. can take in order to mitigate the threats in question.

4. Analyze the strategic mistakes that the terrorists made when attacking the Moscow Theater in 2002. Assess the level of influence that the terrorists’ mistakes from the Moscow attack exerted on the terrorists who perpetrated the attack on the Beslan school in 2004. Use examples from each attack to support your response.

5. Explain what you believe to be the importance of risk management and why/why not you believe it is essential in organizations today. Additionally, compare and contrast Quantitative Risk Assessment vs. Qualitative Risk Assessment and indicate which you believe is the most beneficial and why.

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