What type of supervisor do most employees like to work for: a traditional, innovative or support, law homework help

What type of supervisor do most employees like to work for: a traditional, innovative or supportive supervisor? Do you believe that employee personalities may influence what type of supervisor is favored?

The traditional supervisor is the person who expects measurable out-comes from subordinates and aggressive law enforcement activities. This type of police supervisor expects officers to produce many arrests and written citations.There is a particular emphasis on rule enforcement and expecting officers to comply with orders and commands

The innovative supervisor.This person encourages officers to be less concerned about measurable outcomes and more concerned about solving problems within their assignments. Engel (2004:209)argues that this type of supervisor holds values more consistent with a community policing approach to police work. The role of the supervisor is to provide support to officers so they can perform their jobs well.

The supportive supervisor is a person who seeks to support officers in the performance of their jobs and to serve as a potential buffer between officers and management. The supportive supervisor provides praise and rewards to officers and seeks to inspire them to perform their jobs. In addition, the supportive officer, according to Engel (2004:211), may be open to criticism when support serves as a shield against inappropriate behavior among officers and diminishes accountability.

Active supervisor exhibit behaviors that are consistent with positive views of subordinates and high activity for themselves. Active supervisors work with officers in the field. They spend much of their time working with officers and less time in the district or precinct. They are not overly concerned with global issues of crime and disorder. They are more concerned with doing, not talking or being inspirational. Officers view such supervisors as getting involved in their work and supporting them in their assignments when possible.

what I found to answer this question is ” Engel (2004:13) found that the styles are equally distributed across the departments she surveyed, but when separating the departments, she found differences in the types of supervision styles found among police sergeants. No one style, according to Engel(2004:216) is preferred because we do not know which style leads to what outcomes. This research highlights what we have said before in this chapter: You cannot think about supervision styles among criminal justice supervisors without thinking about what organizational goals you are trying to achieve.

I want someone to answer my question and paraphrase the answer that I found in the book.

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